(also known as Ghonada Comic)

An Audio Visual Presentation

(Ghraphic Novel)


This is a proof of concept on how a Comic (Graphic Novel) can be converted into an audio visual format as a video which can be viewed on YouTube.

This format has the scope to have much more story to tell and provide more supporting information to the original written story.

We are in the process of translating these Comics into English or other languages. We can hope to bring Ghanada to the young Bengali generation, particularly who are not into reading Bengali literature.

At least five sets of Ghanada comic strips by Rebatibhushan, Phalguni (Dhruba Roy?), Anil Karmakar/Goutam Karmakar, Ranjan Dutta, Subhra Chakrabarty featured regularly in dailies, teen magazines & annuals.

Enjoy a few pages and some background history