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‘Kaar Aadoley Toiri Holo Ghanada’
(‘The Model For Ghanada’)

Interviewed by : Kartik Majumdar

First Published in:
‘Anandamela’, 28th May, 1986

The author reveals he had no initial plans for a Ghanada series.

‘Ghanada Elo Kothaa Thekey’
(‘How Ghanada Appeared’)

Interciewed by : Kinnar Roy

First Published in:
‘Kishore Jnan Bijnan’,
‘Bishesh Ghanada Shonkhyaa’ [Ghanada Special], June 1986

First featured in the book:
‘Brihat Ghanada Shankalan’ (1993)

The author incorrectly mentions 1928-29 as the year of Ghanada’s debut. In fact it was 1945.